Our experience & equipment keep the toughest jobs safe and smooth, allowing us to remove hazards and eyesores that endanger people and property.

Increase your property value and peace of mind with professional maintenance. Our ISA Certified Arborist will be happy to help you maximize the beauty and health of all the trees on your property.  

From making technical lifts with our crane to clearing dense lots with our forestry mower, unique situations call for experience - and the right tools.

Welcome to Nick's Tree Service Inc. of Tulsa

For the most experienced and professional tree service in Tulsa, call Nick. Nick's Tree Service provides reliable tree trimming and maintenance as well as tree removal service. By offering rates that are easily met, Nick's Tree Service Inc, can seamlessly service your property and make even the toughest jobs safe and smooth. In addition to tree removal you can also be provided with stump grinding services. This is so you are not left with an unsightly stump at the end of the removal process. Nick's Tree Service provides a professional team of arborists that are experts in making your yard look amazing.

Tree Trimming service

If your tree has broken limbs or is blocking the sunlight that you would like to enjoy within your home, you can have it trimmed by professional tree trimmers. By contacting Nick's Tree Service, you can have a team of professionals trim your tree while creating a very pleasing appearance for your property.

Professional Tree Service

Whether you are looking for tree trimmers or tree cutters, Nick's Trees has a professional team and an ISA certified Arborist that can help you. We also offer specialty services which include everything from performing technical lifts with our state of the art crane to clearing a dense lot with our forestry mower. We can provide the speciality services you need to keep your property looking its best year round. Just give us a call and enjoy the professional maintenance and tree care service that we have available. Call us at (918) 251-6425 today!
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