Nick's Tree Service in Tulsa, OK

Debbie is most likely the impetus for Nick’s Tree Service. This New Orleans girl told Nick prior to their marriage, that any temperature below 65 degrees was unreasonable and should not be endured without a fireplace running full tilt. It was probably all those requests for firewood that led Nick to buy his first chainsaw and trailer, which led to his interest in tree removal, tree maintenance, and tree trimming. 

Always Nick’s partner in the business, Debbie has worn all the hats in the office for over twenty years and has recently delegated the day-to-day operations to another family member so she can focus on administration. She has kept the wheels turning and faces smiling through the growth of this company. She is one of the many components that make Nick's Tree Service the best company for tree removal, tree trimming, and tree maintenance in Tulsa, OK

​Not to be diminished by four growing boys and her husband, Debbie has held her own as a key player in the company. Now that all of the boys are married, she enjoys off-setting the testosterone in the family with her daughter-in-laws. One of her favorite roles is that of granny. Currently, she and Nick have 9 grandchildren with 5 of them being girls. She jokes that there is suddenly now a “pink” department in the stores that was never there before!

Debra established the Princess Ballet Academy and enjoys instilling the love of dance in 5 of her granddaughters. She is the author of “Inspired to Victory” A poetic tapestry of Scripture. Available here on Amazon. For many years, she has taught and continues to teach Victory by Virtue at Victory Christian Center. 

Founding Partner, Nick's Tree Service in Tulsa, OK

Debbie Taylor

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