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Certified Arborist, Nick's Tree Service in Tulsa, OK.
Specializes in large and small tree trimming along with small to medium-sized tree removal

Elliot, Nick’s oldest son is a  Certified Arborist.  

 In 2001, Elliot graduated from the Naval Academy and was stationed on the USS Ford in Everett, Washington. Elliot soon began taking care of tree removal and tree trimming work for his friends and associates (on weekends, in between ship’s movements). It wasn’t long before he began to enjoy the sense of progress and accomplishment he gained from tree work much more than he enjoyed the tedious and sometimes circular busy work aboard ship.

As a member of the Tree Care Industry of America, he has connected with arborists from around the country and attended many classes on tree care. These seminars have brought state of the industry techniques to Nick's Tree Service and helped make our company one of the safest in Oklahoma. Striving for excellence has always been a focus of Nick’s Tree Service.

Elliot was a part of the company from its earliest days, working after school and during summer breaks. After graduating from Broken Arrow High School in 1996, he went on to the Naval Academy, returning each summer to work with the company.

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Elliot Taylor

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What Our Clients Say

"I contracted Nick’s Tree Service to remove a very large tree within 20 feet of the house.  I had called 3 other tree services and felt that Nick’s was by far the best equipped to remove the old tree…  I take pride in my decision to use Nick’s as they did an excellent job on everything they said they would do.  Nick’s Tree Service has the trained personnel and the equipment to do an outstanding job – AND THEY DID!
Thanks, Nick"

Robbie Wayne, Cargill Metals
Port of Catoosa