Nick's Tree Service in Tulsa, OK

Ephriam Taylor

Chief Rigger, Nick's Tree Service in Tulsa, OK.

Specializes in rigging for large tree removal and equipment maintenance.

Ephraim’s primary role in the company is rigging for large tree removal operations. He either climbs or uses our 62′ Bucket Truck to place our proprietary rigging system on large sections of trees, which he then skillfully cuts and lets the 40-ton crane lift carry the sections directly to our chipper on the ground. He is also in charge of equipment maintenance. 

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Ephraim is Nick’s third son and was a part of the company from its earliest days, helping with tree removal and tree trimming after school or during summer breaks. Through High School and after, Ephraim went on eleven mission trips all around the world to places such as India, Bolivia, Hong Kong, and Rome. The group he went with used a high-energy martial arts demonstration to share the gospel. Ephraim holds a 3rd-degree black belt in Tai Kwon Do.

When Ephraim isn't working on tree removal and tree trimming he's the tree ninja. A fitness enthusiast, Ephraim has built his own American Ninja Warrior outdoor gym and has recently competed as a contestant for the American Ninja Warrior competition as the Tree Ninja. 

Ephraim also competes in tree climbing competitions. Recently (June 2018) he competed in the Midwest ISA tree climbing competition in Springfield, MO. He placed 1st in Ascent and 1st in Throw line events. He competed and won 2nd place in the Masters event that weekend.

Ephraim and his beautiful wife, a full-time mom, have three daughters and two sons. Together they enjoy volunteering at church and being church Small Group leaders.