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Jesse Taylor

Jesse, Nick’s youngest son, is very interested in physical strength and fitness. He spends much of his free time at the gym where you'll find him most evenings after a hard day of tree removal and tree trimming. Not surprisingly he won the "Mr. Beef" contest for his graduating class in Broken Arrow, OK. 

Jesse specializes in small or medium-sized tree removal and tree trimming. 

Jesse enjoys mudding in his monster truck and riding his motorcycle. "Work hard and play hard," might be a fitting motto for this guy!

Specializes in small or medium-sized tree removal and tree trimming

Jesse is Nick's youngest son. He haas also competed in several ISA and other organization's climbing competitions.   He either climbs or using the SRT method trimming or removing small or medium-sized trees that are unsafe, unsightly, or otherwise undesirable.  

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