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Nick’s Tree Service, Inc

Jesse Taylor

Jesse’s role in the company is as the primary climber for the Small Removals and Trimming crew. He either climbs or uses our Self-Propelled lift that helps us to reach for trimming or removing small or medium sized trees that are unsafe, unsightly, or otherwise undesirable. Jesse also assists Ephraim with equipment maintenance and pinch hits as a crane driver for our large removals crew. 

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We are a family-owned and operated Tree Service serving Tulsa and surrounding areas safely and dependably since 1994. There’s a reason 90% of our new customers are referrals from existing customers. 

Ephriam Taylor

Ephraim’s primary role in the company is rigging for large tree removal operations. He either climbs or uses our 62′ Bucket Truck to place our proprietary rigging system on large sections of trees, which he then skillfully cuts and lets the 40 ton crane lift the sections directly to our chipper on the ground. He is also in charge of equipment maintenance.
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Debra Taylor

Always Nick’s partner in the business, Debra has worn all the hats in the office for over twenty years and has recently delegated the day-to-day operations to another family member so she can focus on administration. She has kept the wheels turning and faces smiling through the growth of this company. Here she is with one of her grand daughters who we refer to as her "mini-me."

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Nick Taylor, Jr. 

Nick’s primary role in the company is equipment operator; he often operates our 40 ton crane during large tree removal operations, and uses our Bobcat track loader to load logs, etc. He also handles all of our requests for firewood, and is developing a line of Pro Smoke BBQ grilling wood for wholesale and retail. You can keep up with Nick and many of our jobs through Instagram and Facebook where he is an active contributor. 

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Nick and Debbie Taylor, along with their four sons Elliot, Nick Jr, Ephraim and Jesse, are tremendously proud of the many relationships they have enjoyed over the years with their wonderful customers and friends. Today, the four boys are all Certified Tree Care Safety Professionals, Elliot is a Certified Arborist and soon Nick Jr will be a Certified Crane Operator. These credentials are just part of their commitment to you. Type your paragraph here.

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About Nick's Tree Service

Elliot Taylor

Elliot, Nick’s oldest son and Certified Arborist is the most requested member of the team. Elliot heads up small to medium removals and trimming and has a devout following of customers. His crew recently purchased a compact and light weight Self-Propelled Lift that is perfect for backyards, along with a large capacity Grapple/Log Truck. 

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Nick Taylor

Nick brings a unique and valued set of skills to the arborist industry, having been a union ironworker for decades. It was there that he became experienced with crane operations and technical rigging. To date, his innovation in the arboriculture industry has been featured in national trade magazines and he is sought out as an industry leader and pioneer, speaking and training at industry conferences.​
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