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Nick Taylor has been called a pioneer in the arborist industry for some time now. What sets him apart is the rigging skill-set he brought with him from his experience as a union iron worker. When Nick transitioned into something he could do with his four sons, it was natural that he turned to the use of a crane for removals and utilize the rigging techniques he had used for decades building skyscrapers, metro-domes and the like. Although many of the principles were the same, much adaptation was necessary to apply his knowledge to the rigging of a standing tree. Calculating the proper center of balance and stabilizing all the affected branches for a crane lift is tricky business, especially if the tree is dead or dying and could begin falling apart during the lift. Nick’s proprietary adjustable sling system has made his operation safer and more efficient and has become the gold-standard in the industry. 

It wasn’t long before his unique approach caught the attention of arborists, some of whom have traveled from other parts of the country to learn his techniques. So, it wasn’t a surprise when Nick was asked to teach Continuing Education for the International Society of Arborists on the subject of Hazard Removals with Large Equiment, specifically Roping and Rigging for Large Crane Removals. 

Here are some pictures from his most recent class. It’s fulfilling to contribute to the safety and well-being of the individuals serving the arbor industry. 

Nick Teaches Continuing Education for Certified Arborists

Nick's hands-on class combined classroom and equipment demonstration

If you have lived in the greater Tulsa area for at least the past decade, you have seen our trees subjected to winter ice storms, wet spring conditions and strong winds and tornadoes.

The Spring season typically comes with a lot of water - rain, saturated ground conditions and flooding can wreck havoc on your trees. Strong winds can further complicate the issue, causing dangerous conditions not only for the tree but for homes and the public.  

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Obviously, dropped limbs are an easy sign to identify that your tree suffered some damage. The key is to look further for less obvious damage. Look up into the tree to see if there are additional broken or hanging limbs. These are very dangerous to be around or under because they can drop at any time. Often you will hear this type of breakage referred to as “hangers” or “widow-makers.” This is something you will want to have trimmed back immediately. You may opt to do this work yourself, however, there are some things you will want to assess first and based on your observations...

Tree Trimming Tips After A Storm