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Nick’s Tree Service, Inc

Hello! We went by the house last night and I want to let the guys know that they did an excellent job!! We are so impressed with the cleanup and care taken. Thank you!

Jenny Fellinger; Tulsa, OK

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Thank you for the tree removal. You did a great job. You may pass our name on to anyone that needs tree service. 

​Celest Newcomb

This past week you folks removed two large trees from our property. Unfortunately, I couldn't be at home to watch the operation, but my son shot about an hour of video capturing the work that Nick and his crew did. I just reviewed that videotape, and simply had to stop and provide some customer feedback to you folks. 

True to what Nick said, the only thing I noticed when I got home that evening was that the two trees were gone. Then I noted a few "extras," such as trimming other trees back off of our roof, and the fact that a lot of fallen branches that I'd stacked up on the woodpile (planning to haul to the dump) were also gone. Impressive as all that was, it wasn't until I watched the video that I REALLY got an appreciation for the work done. 

When I saw the mess that that operation makes, and recalled there was not so much as a hint of mess when I got home, my appreciation for the truly excellent workmanship, and pride-in-performance that Nick and his crew must share, went up another 100 fold.

​I am totally impressed with Nick's Trees and the exceptional service you folks provide. Really good to know that, at Nick's Trees at least, pride in a job well done is alive and well. When we need maintenance, there'll be absolutely no doubt who we'll call. 

if EVER you want a testimonial from the Sixmiths, please don't hesitate to ask us. 

Thank you very, very much, for having done such an outstanding job - the entire team is amazing!

Jennifer Sixsmith; Tulsa, OK

Thank you for this work and for your professionalism and care of the property you accessed. Thank you also for your kindness to my neighbor.
Carole Fleur; Tulsa, OK

I sincerely enjoyed working with you and am impressed by your closely held family operation. Stacy was a ton of help getting this claim processed. 

Patrick Rooney; Tulsa, OK

Dear Nick & Debbie,

We want to say thank you for the trees you recently trimmed at our house. Wow! What a blessing! Thank you for trimming back in the spring, too. Our trees really needed it both times. We appreciate you thinking about us and being so generous to do it. 

We pray for God to bless you all - your whole family. You've got some strong guys working with you. We thanked them when they were here but let them know we are very grateful. 

We believe for God to bless every seed that you sow. 

Sincerely in Jesus,

Pastors Billy Joe & Sharon Daugherty

Thank you. The crew did a great job and we enjoyed meeting your family. We will certainly recommend you if we hear of anyone that needs tree work. Be safe! 

​Judy Holtz

I am sending you this letter of reference to be used however you would like.

I contracted Nick's Tree Service to remove a very large tree of over 40 ft in height and weighting in excess of 12,000 pounds. I had contacted 3 other tree services and felt Nick's was the best equipped to remove the old tree. Nick's was median in their quotation. The tree was within 20 feet of the house and needed expert attention in its removal. I take pride in deciding to contract with Nick's, as they did an excellent job with everything they said they would do. Nick's had the trained personnel with the equipment to do an outstanding job - and they did. 

Ed Addington; Tulsa, OK

Thank you very much. We have felt so much safer with that large tree out of our front yard. I know it posed so much danger to our home and family during large wind storms.

You have a wonderful family. I remember when we just moved in 17 1/2 years ago and your boys were helping and now they have grown into fine men with families of their own. You have a wonderful family; wonderful company that you must truly be proud of.

Kindest regards, John & Pamela Westin; ​Broken Arrow, OK

  • You did a neat job in the tree! - Jack Higgins
  • Tree looks great! Thank you! - Pam Trindle
  • Looked great. Wonderful job!! - Jason Louvier
  • You did a great job. - Bill Robinson
  • Thank you for an outstanding job! - Adam Foreman
  • Did a great job, on time, quick. - Clark Burbank
  • Great job. Thank you - Cyndy Millke
  • Job looks great! - Becky
  • Quick & professional work from Elliot & his crew. - Monica Johnston
  • I will always recommend Nick's. You guys are fantastic! - Janet Karleskint
  • Good work on the big tree. I will recommend you to anyone. - Tom Stering
  • Thank you for the excellent work. The job was complicated but perfectly done. -Carol

Thank you so much for your help in clearing the branches from the house. Your kindness is greatly appreciated. Once again, thank you.

​Sandi Willis

Good job. Thank you very much. 

​Lorena Sublett; Tulsa, OK

Thank you for a great job. I appreciate the professional work and clean up that was done. 

​Betty Taylor, Tulsa OK

Thank you so much for all you did for us removing that tree! We are so grateful. 'Thank you' is not enough. Not big enough words to mean what our hearts feel. Thank you all so much, may God bless you & yours.

Ron & Tricia H. 

Quality and excellence is when someone exceeds your expectations. The quality of work and service provided by Nick's Tree Service was just terrific. Within three hours they fully removed two huge trees and trimmed a third. They had traffic permits, street closure signs and safety cones. My yard and surroundings are cleaner than when they arrived. These guys are pros. And the ladies in the office are just as good. 

Mike Lapolla; Tulsa, OK

Thanks! The guys always do a great job. 

Diane Van Antwerp; Tulsa, OK

Everything went so smoothly and safe. You do it right.

Helen Dufriend; Broken Arrow, OK

Please know that we would be pleased to offer our highest recommendation should you want or need it. To your crew we want to communicate in writing "job well done!! We could not have been more pleased with your work ethic, manners & quality of the finished product. We feel very grateful that Ephraim knocked on our door that icy cold morning."

Concetta Baker


I can't thank you enough for the excellent care you are giving our trees! We are so grateful for your help in making our yard a show place! 

Dianna & Jeff Jones

Thank you, your work was great and much neater than we expected. 

​Bob Carriger


You are an unspeakable gift! Thanks so very much for sowing into my life and ministry.

Adairia Watts; Tulsa, OK

Thank you for this work and for your professionalism and care of the property you accessed.

Thank you for your kindness to my neighbor in removing the tree next to their house and especially for your prayer with him. 

Bless you. I will certainly keep your card and recommend you to others for tree work.

​Sincerely, Carole Flein

My grandson Anthony referred me to you and made all the arrangements to get my trees trimmed. I want to tell you what a really nice job you did for me. Thank you also for including my front tree.

Norma Amstutz

I contracted Nick’s Tree Service to remove a very large tree within 20 feet of the house. I had called 3 other tree services and felt that Nick’s was by far the best equipped to remove the old tree… I take pride in my decision to use Nick’s as they did an excellent job on everything they said they would do. Nick’s Tree Service has the trained personnel and the equipment to do an outstanding job – AND THEY DID!
Thanks Nick. 
Eddie Arrington; Broken Arrow, OK

Sending you some pictures you might like to have of our job. You all did great - super crew. I'd recommend you to anyone. 

The Hartsocks

The following testimonials were received mostly in Thank You cards and letters sent in by customers who felt strongly enough about their level of service to take the time to write us.    We do not solicit testimonials so these mean a lot to us. 

Nick’s Tree Service did an outstanding job. The tree removal was very professional, was a very safe operation, and [they] had the best equipment.

Robbie Wayne, Cargill Metals
Port of Catoosa